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the sandboys"Their music hits you instantly but their lyrics creep up behind you and haunt you"

Exclusive 4 eP set release

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The Sandboys release the first of a 4 EP 'collect and save' set.

The 16 strong set of songs form 4 separate live recording sessions recorded at the home of BoomChang Records in Newcastle –the company founded by producer Stephen Cunningham.


The Sandboys have been asked by venues, fans and industry executives so many times: "What do you sound like?"

Difficult to describe their unique blend of a number of musical genres, The Sandboys have created their own category to avoid any misinterpretation: Colk Music takes the very best of the story telling and visceral frankness of folk music and combines it with the sweet harmony and hooks of country music.

In these days of genre jumping and ambiguity The Sandboys take the best of their many influences and package it all up in strong, memorable, wiity and heart-felt tunes.

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sandboys cock a hoop cover

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sandboys tickled pink

OVER THE MOON £4 + £1 postage


sandboys over the moon



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