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No Love CoverChris Foley is an Actor and Singer/Songwriter from Newcastle upon Tyne. He studied acting at Newcastle College while playing music gigs in and around the North East.

Chris has been writing his own music since middle school but in the past year or so has begun to showcase his uniquely soulful and captivating sound.

Chris’ music comes from being bored, “I write songs when I feel a little bit angry and bored, it’s not how I want the songs to sound but I feel writing with an emotion helps drive the material sometimes, and it’s not that I don’t want to write happy songs, it’s just that I find the juxtaposition in emotion and sound is something that interests me.”

No Love (written by Stephen Cochrane) is Chris’ first single on Boomchang Records, the acoustic performance was first heard at a buskers night and was a must record originally as a try out for Chris to work with Boomchang; the result was good so we agreed to release it. Chris will be recording his own material in the coming months at Boomchang studios.

Musically Chris’ influences are mainly punk rock performers; one stand out for Chris is Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. Others include Joe Strummer, Stereophonics, Ryan Adams as well as the likes of The Beatles & Queens of the Stone Age.

Chris has also teamed up with Singer/Songwriter Mark Miller & musician Ben Harrison in creating The Sandboys; a mixture of guitars and cello to create a newer sound for each respective musicians material.



No Love remix

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